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Welcome to the dedicated website on latest developments and practices in Diversity and Inclusion in digital education. The content covered in this website is the result of the EADTU Task Force Diversity and Inclusion (2021-2022). In total the TFD-I consists of 22 experts from 12 EADTU members institutions from 12 nations

Diversity and Inclusion generates great attention and even more so for EADTU members as they have a dedicated task in organising education also for disadvantaged groups of students by offering them easily accessible learning paths made fit for a great diversity of students. This is essential as still, some education structures and policies tend to perpetuate the exclusion of socially disadvantaged and vulnerable groups: their participation in higher education remains low across all EU Member States. For example, migrants and foreign-born students are much less likely to participate in higher education than their native-born counterparts. Gender divisions are also growing in many disciplines (Commission/EACEA/Eurydice, 2022).

Inclusion is therefore a priority task for universities and can be defined as an on-going process aimed at offering quality education for all while respecting diversity and the different needs and abilities, characteristics and learning expectations of the students and communities, eliminating all forms of discrimination (UNESCO, 2009).

This website shows a great variety of higher education institutional policies, approaches, expertise and experiences in the field of Diversity and Inclusion.

Expertise shared and explored within this website concern:

  • institutional strategies for DI, including examples from practice;
  • new developments in the field of DI;
  • research and innovation within and outside the EADTU membership on DI;
  • (supportive) national policy agendas (eg. funding for facilities and actions).
For addressing the topic of Diversity and Inclusion as concrete and pragmatic as possible, we are actually addressing 8 subthemes.

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