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Digital Accessibility at the Open University of Israel

Teaching staff has online tutorials guiding them how to improve accessibility in their websites and teaching and learning materials. Social related accessibility is also being dealt with for students from geographic, social and economical periphery (israeli-arabs, jewish ultraorthodox, students of Ethiopian origin etc.). There are interventions with the teaching staff in terms of workshops about teaching strategies and tools for classess with multicultural students. This includes visits in variuos communities and meetings with people from those variuos. Nowadays we serve thousands of student’s (6%) with special needs, providing accessibility in digital texts, transcripts for videos in courses and conferences. Two special projects were boosted recently, as a result of Covid-19 pandemic. Our recent successfull initiatives are simultaneous transcription and subtitles. The project started at 2017 with a mangement decision to add subtitles in hebrew (and arabic in several cases) to lecturs who had been video recorded for course online resourses. Moreover, there are several courses (16 in this 2020 autumn semester, for example) that have had live transcription with a person who sits in the lesson and transmits the transcription via shared documents (like Google Docs). Immerse distance learning because of Covid-19 pandemic, enabled students with special needs (and others) to have direct access to our course materials and the simultaneous transcription or subtitles for the videos were found as most successful aid.

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